Tuesday, June 21, 2005

U.S. Aiming Low with Broadband Goals

In his May presentation at the 2005 Community Development, Innovation and & Technology Conference in Columbus, Ohio, Andrew Cohill (http://www.designnince.com/) runs the numbers of broadband, illuminating where America is aiming:

“Although the FCC continues to define broadband as access speeds of 200 kilobits or more on both directions, this bar is set too low for future growth and economic development. South Korea’s target bandwidth to the home is 155 megabits, or 755 times faster. Hong Kong recently announced plans to provide Gigabit Ethernet (GigE9) fiber service to more than a million homes. Many other countries are also developing high capacity fiber and/or wireless broadband transport systems. The target, 4-5 years out, is the capacity to deliver a sustained throughput to a single home or business of 50-75 megabits/second, with 2x burst capacity, or in terms of what current systems can deliver, about 100-155 megabits/second.”

Image piping your HDTV, Internet, phone, video conferencing systems and other data through one of these networks.


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