Tuesday, July 12, 2005

More Bloggers moving in on Reporters

Blogs offered a "personal connection to the fear, shock, and pain experienced by Londoners," said Forrester Research (FORR) analyst Charlene Li may, in a report from the Korean Press Foundation, mentioned on the Online Journalism Review Web site and then cited in Frank Barnako of MarketWatch daily email.

"Up until 2000, newspapers regarded Internet media as a 'pet,' and would not mind much even if they share some news articles with portals," said the Korean Press Foundation. "Today, the pet has grown up to be a tiger that eats up much of newspapers' power in both revenues and impact," the researchers said, according to the Taipei Times - Barnako wrote.

This report adds to the growing number of voices talking about the growing strength of blogs in the news industry.

Barnako also noted her vocabulary usage in the article as she recognized the transformation of the market of the news industry:

"Unless something like that happens, the analyst said, "traditional media will soon find themselves with one less regular viewer." Note to self: She did not say "reader," as in the dead-trees version" - Barnako wrote.


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