Sunday, July 17, 2005

Two to One: Lafayette Votes for FTTH

By a 62% to 38% vote, the citizens of Lafayette approved the Lafayette Fiber to the Home Project.

Mayor Joey Durel: "This is a huge moment for Lafayette and America. Our citizens have sent a powerful message -- Americans want their local governments to do what's necessary to be 21st Century cities second to none."

Utilities Director Terry Huval: "Today, we did what our predecessors did 109 years ago -- we took our future into our own hands." Also "BellSouth and Cox wanted the people of Lafayette to speak, and now the people of Lafayette have spoken loud and clear. Now it's time for BellSouth and Cox to accept what the people have said and stop throwing hurdles in our way."

Lafayette Chief Administrative Officer Dee Stanley: "America won tonight."

City-Parish Attorney Pat Ottinger: "The vote confirms what the City-Parish council has been saying all along."

Attorney Jim Baller: "The voters of Lafayette have sent a wake-up call to incumbents and legislators across America. It's time for the public and private sectors to put conflicts like this aside and get American broadband moving again."

These quotes came from Jim Baller - reporting live from Lafayette. I guess after the push by BellSouth to make the city take the decision to build FTTH, the citizens fully supported their elected officials.


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