Thursday, September 22, 2005

I highly recomend thinking about Forbes' article on Google Maps

The article
Benfield thinks online maps will increasingly become the interface for the Web. "In building its map application, Google made use of a new way of programming Web applications," said Benfield. "It is known as AJAX. Also, Google created an API, allowing users to implement maps within their own applications.

Almost overnight, this has made MapQuest almost irrelevant." Those are strong words. But he is backing them up with his latest effort--a company called ClearNova--to create a software development environment to build AJAX applications.

Interestingly, mapping appears to be one of the reasons Google recently hired Internet pioneer Vint Cerf as its chief Internet evangelist. He believes the Internet is in the process of being geographically indexed (known as "geotagging"), which should allow for much richer applications, such as using your cell phone to find the nearest four-star hotel, get a cab and so on.


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