Sunday, September 25, 2005

Up and Coming: The Field of Geography

Forget Geography 101. Google Earth has opened up discussion forums for its dynamic map.

Users bookmark a location to ask questions, point out historic significance and mark individual hangouts. One historic marker in southern England takes a viewer to Castle Hill, which stands above the Channel Tunnel terminal, according to user JonM from Ashford, England.

"Apart from the iron age fort and the 12th century earthworks, it is also said that William the Conqueror stood upon Castle Hill and gazed upon the settlement below," he wrote. This is JohM's third post.

The bookmarks found on Google Earth Community break down into categories such as History Illustrated, where the marker for Castle Hill is located. Others include Military, Transportation and Huge and Unique.

Ready for a geography quiz? Other action on the site includes quiz games asking what an add image in a remote location may be.

"Do you know what this is? Probably not unless you are from Hudson's Hope B.C. Canada," one post said.

And it's not all casual. National Geographic has a large number of stories linked to their actual location in Africa, including pictures.


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