Saturday, October 22, 2005

Easily find your Alderman and other reps in Cook County

Here's a notable application from

The Center for Neighborhood Technology has successfully deployed a system to help find all the representatives for your address in Cook County. Type it in and click on "Find." It's that easy. Here's what the organization says about the project:

Who Represents You? Discover Your Civic Footprint.

Whether or not you vote or can name your state senator, you leave a "Civic Footprint," an imprint of your unique place in the civic world. CNT developed to help residents in the Chicago area locate themselves in the often complex political jigsaw puzzle known as Cook County. The Footprint gathers together into one easy-to-use resource a snapshot of a user's personal political geography, determined by her state, county, city, ward and community representation.

Find your civic footprint today.


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