Wednesday, October 19, 2005

List Serve Gaff In Tribune the Next Day

Columnist Phil Rosenthal put the Medill List Serve aberration in the Chicago Tribune today. As it closes out his column on an only slightly related topic, might he have added it in at the last moment?

I'm still looking for the name of the unlucky CEO.

This may be a unique situation in the journalism community. Numerous journalists have all received the same tip at roughly the same time. Who will name the CEO first?

I'll close with the words of Phil Rosenthal:

A case of the spins: Who says there's no such thing as bad PR?

Alumni of Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism on Tuesday received a request through an online mailing list for spin doctors to help "a prominent Chicago CEO who is facing a federal tax evasion indictment."

Unfortunately for Pamela Cramer, whose name was on the request--and for the unnamed CEO--it turns out Medill has produced a fair number of actual reporters and editors, some of whom were more interested in uncovering more about the pending tax case than in helping to buff up the accused's image. Shocking, no?

A Tribune reporter was among those to contact Cramer, who told him she signed a confidentiality agreement and could not discuss the case.

Perhaps she should seek out a spin doctor of her own.


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