Wednesday, November 09, 2005

New York Times Wins with Paid Web Content

Frank Barnako reported in his MarketWatch Update that the New York Times has had "positive" results from it's subscription-based package of online content. This certainly pokes some holes in the theory that consumers will purchase something that has previously been free.

On that note, I finally paid $20/year to update my Yahoo email address so I could use POP to sinc it with Microsoft Outlook. Certainly I have upgraded what was once "free" to me for added capabilities. So it goes.

TimesSelect draws 270,000 subs
By Frank Barnako, MarketWatchLast Update: 1:55 PM ET Nov 9, 2005

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- The chief of the New York Times' digital operations said he is "delighted with the enthusiastic response" to the company's subscription package offering access to editorials, opinion pieces and columnists, as well as the paper's archives. TimesSelect is priced at $49.95 for a year and $7.95 a month.

Martin Nisenholtz, a Times (NYT) senior vice president, reported that TimesSelect has signed up 270,000 subscribers in the two months it's been available. Half the number represents home-delivery customers who get the package included with their print subscriptions.

"The feedback from users has been very positive, particularly about interaction with columnists, usage of new tools and the archives," he said.


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