Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Online Maps go beyond your ol' Rand McNally and AAA

It's been a while since my last post, but this topic grabbed me and prodded me back.

A year or so ago I read a story about how Google was taking pictures of store fronts on the West Coast. The expected product has finally came out - it's been so long I had forgotten about it.

The story from the Associated Press:

Search Engines Going Far Beyond Maps
By ALLISON LINN, AP Business WriterSun Jan 15, 10:13 PM ET

The images are so detailed you can tell whether a neighbor's hedge was recently trimmed or whether the car parked in front of a favorite local eatery might belong to a friend.

Such views are available online for anyone to see from some of the biggest names on the Internet, including Amazon.com Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Google Inc.

The companies' newly evolving local search and mapping services, where the photographic images are typically rendered as search results, make it easier than ever to scout out everything from vacation destinations to a new hairdresser.


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