Tuesday, September 13, 2005

VoIP: A hybrid car from Europe or a low-carb vodka? And a note on SpaceMonger

Jon Van of the Chicago Tribune found an interesting study to include today in his article about eBay buying Skype, as the U.S. company works increase its challenge to Google, Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft.

Skype offers VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol. In simple terms, this means a telephone call on the Internet. In more complex terms, it is creating a whole new communications system.

While billions of dollars are changing hands, the study sheds light on the public's lack of understanding in trends in technology.

"The public is still baffled by VoIP. A recent survey by Harris Interactive commissioned by Verizon found that 87 percent of respondents didn't know what VoIP was. Twenty percent thought it was a European hybrid motorcar and 10 percent said it was a low-carb vodka."

If you haven't been sidetracked by the Vodka, how about another way of thinking about the data structure of your computer?

The Web site Werkema.com has a free download called SpaceMonger, a program that maps your files in zoomable charts.


Blogger Klas K. said...

Funny, but also interesting.

Technology and webservices are moving forward with such tremendous speed these days, so it is not easy to "keep up" with what is happening.

5:37 AM  

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